Viking “Sunstones” Were Icelandic?

Now everyone will want a “Viking sunstone.”

Sunstones (BBC News)

This bit of information about the polarizing rocks has been around for a while. As far as I can tell, the “news hook” is just that a specific Icelandic source is suggested.

Expect a Llewellyn book on how to use them in about two years.

2 thoughts on “Viking “Sunstones” Were Icelandic?

  1. I think Cunningham mentioned them in his Encyclopedia on Metals and Gemstones. But you’re right that they’ll have to get the whole treatment now. It’s inevitable as the sun rising in the east….

  2. Pitch313

    Wouldn’t we use the GPS sort of magic these days? To find our ways, I mean.

    An aside. In a set of photos of the new Boeing 787 cockpit, I was quite taken by the presence of a small magnetic compass in the center overhead. Just in case the higher tech goes awry.

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