Pagans Rebuild after the Sockeye Fire

As a volunteer firefighter who also has had to evacuate myself three times in ten years because of forest fires, I am pretty accustomed to media coverage of such catastrophic events.

This one from Channel 2 in Anchorage is pretty normal : “One thing left standing after Willow wildfire: an outhouse.” And yet it is about a Pagan retreat center. So the “news” to me is that this particular loss and rebuilding is treated as unexceptional, and the Pagans come across as everyday Alaskans, not as weirdos.

About that outhouse — maybe it survived because it was geometrically simple and did not catch embers. Or maybe the fire just swirled around it.

One thought on “Pagans Rebuild after the Sockeye Fire

  1. Actually…

    The real secret — if you want to know — is that they had *just* relocated the men’s privy & because of its new placement, it did not suffer the same fate as the women’s. As a woman, this thoroughly bums me out.

    But, there still is something to be said for everything around it being laid to waste.

    I too was struck by the everyday Joe treatment of this article. Interestingly, when the story was first published, someone had left a comment asking exactly what *was* the pagan community center & had anyone done any “checking into” it. Later I noticed that the comment had been removed. Whether that was by the author or by the media admin., remains a question.

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