We Might as well Wear Lineages on our Chests

Academic bloggers Megan Kate Nelson and Elizabeth Covart are re-thinking the way that we wear badges at conventions—and other forms of labeling. What might work better than NAME and INSTITUTION (or for the non-affiliated, CITY)?

In Nelson’s post, I like “Academic lineage, a la Game of Thrones. Everyone always asks anyway (which I find bizarre when you’re 15 years out of graduate school), so you might as well cop to it.”

It’s true, at the American Academy of Religion, House McCutcheon sneers at the remnants of House Eliade. We might as well be open about it.

One thought on “We Might as well Wear Lineages on our Chests

  1. That would also be fun somewhere like Kalamazoo, at the International Congress on Medieval Studies (which I think is taking place right now…I couldn’t attend this year, alas).

    I can hear the theme song now…

    Though, I’d then wonder: what would the crests and mottos of the various factions be as well? 😉

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