Pentagram Pizza for May 1

Four toppings this evening. . .

This made me laugh.

• Some occult-cult films from the past reviewed by Peg Aloi.

• Teaching a course in “world religions” is not as simple as it looks, once you start sorting out “religion,” “religious,” and questions of group identity.

• In the “Finding a God” chapter of Triumph of the Moon, Ronald Hutton describes the rise of Pan in Victorian literature. Sometimes he personified an idealized countryside while at others he was “a battering-ram against respectability.” He appears in America during that period too — this time as sculpture.

4 thoughts on “Pentagram Pizza for May 1

  1. I’m digging the pentagram pizza — the pieces aren’t uniform, but those who don’t eat the crust aren’t forced into wastefulness. Could it catch on? And Peg reports that Depp is remaking The Night Stalker? Sacrilege!

  2. The Victorian and Romantic vision of Pan remains a source of fascination for me… Patricia Merivale’s book “Pan the Goat-God: his myth in modern times”, though old, remains – to the best of my knowledge – the essential starting point for a deeper exploration of the subject, along with John Boardman’s “The Great God Pan: the survival of an image”.

    Thanks for the link!

  3. Peg neglects to mention SIMON KING OF THE WITCHES made in the early 70’s which does have a good feel for the occultism of the time. It’s not that good of a movie, but does show the conflict between covens and solitary magikians.

    • Oh great!!!I remember seeing that sometime in the 1970s. I later heard that it was supposedly based on Alex Sanders’ life. What hoot that movie was!!!

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