Theology Spam—Who Knew?

You hear the word “spam” and you probably think about Viagra, “genuine” Rolex watches, and corrupt West African government officials with bags of money to share.

But do you think about theology? I did not until yesterday, when I received a message from “Terry Denson” with the subject line “A Pagan Writer’s Blog.” Since that happens to be the subtitle of this the blog, I expected the content to be something about Paganism.

Instead, “Terry Denson” announced that he or she writes “articles for [name of site], a website dedicated to providing students with the information and tools needed in order to purse their theology degree.”

The website links mainly to obscure schools you never heard of, like Grand Canyon University, “a private Christian university.”

And then “Terry Denson” wants me to link to his or her article about creation versus evolution.

If there is one contentious topic that I have never heard Pagans discuss, it is “creation versus evolution.” All this “science versus religion” stuff seems like a non-issue in Pagandom, at least in my experience.

In yours?


4 thoughts on “Theology Spam—Who Knew?

  1. How I think of it as a Pagan is–It’s all about CHANGE.

    Creation is/was/will be–CHANGE.

    Life in the longtime view is/was/will be–CHANGE.

    Life in the short time view is/was/will be–CHANGE.

    The “versus” that some of us find there between “creation” and “evolution” is not there. Nothing is either X or Y. It’s just CHANGE.

  2. I get religious spam all the time, most of it assuming I am a Christian clergy-member and wanting something from me. And I’d love to know what wag signed me up for “Christian Singles.”

  3. I had always thought pagan types to be a bit more clued up on things like evolution v creation – and there is a ‘versus’ here, creation in this is something specific.
    the sad part is that when it comes up people have merely exchanged Goddess for God and can be anti-science because science has ‘orthodoxy’ as they tend to put it.

    oh well.

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