Starting Over as a Virgin (Or Else)

When I was a teenager, I remember hearing some slightly older female friends cracking up over the line, “Let’s go to California and start over again as virgins.”

Only it should be “Toronto,” not “California,” the reason being that you do not want your Muslim husband to beat you.

Lina, 20, is originally from Afghanistan and isn’t surprised the surgery is now available in Canada.

“My friend heard that it was going on in Saudi Arabia because people fear their husbands,” she said.

“If she doesn’t get it done, then they are going to find out that she wasn’t pure on the wedding night, but if she does get the surgery done, they could find out that she wasn’t pure and got this surgery in secret, which would be very bad.”

File under “Desert Monotheisms.”

3 thoughts on “Starting Over as a Virgin (Or Else)

  1. Pitch313

    Keep mum & Mend it up.

    As a thinking Pagan Crafter, I am transfixed by the glamour of The Sexually Active Virgin. Goddess is there, somewhere…

    Still, I hold a different notion of the value of bodies and why we value them. Hymenoplasty strikes me as meretricious body modification. But, then, I think about “virginity” mostly in relation to olive oil.

  2. There is a website called “NewHYmen.Dk” authored by Kristina Abu-Khader Aamand, a Danish-Arabic Muslim woman who has worked for years as a nurse and social worker. In addition to that website (link), she and her husband, Asif Uddin, published the book Mødom på Mode (“Virginity in Fashion”) in 2007, which collected together reports on young women and girls in Denmark’s immigrant communities, with a special focus on the issue of “virginity”. Aamand just recently published a new book, Baba Habib – Perker på pletten, which has been described as “a refined, astute and hysterically funny book for older children, teens and their parents.”

    1. “the power of the hymen,” sheesh. Isn’t it wonderful how these people moved into Denmark and immediately looked down on the Danes who had let them in.

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