Another Bright Idea Not Working

FedEx “Office Print Online” sounds like a great idea for work-at-home types like me. But if it won’t work in Los Angeles, I hold out no hope for southern Colorado.

The follow-up customer (dis)service is equally bad.

No doubt FedEx is promoting this as a wonderful time-saver for the self-employed.

2 thoughts on “Another Bright Idea Not Working

  1. Back when the print/copy part of FedEx was Kinko’s, the place I worked used this upload to them and they print it service all the time. Worked fine.

    I checked out the FedEx site. It looks like things ought to work out for printing stuff. But the only way you’d know is to register and try it.

    How nearby is a FedEx store to you? Getting a high-capacity office kind of printer for the home office might be more frugal than driving lots of miles to pick up print jobs.

    Just some thoughts.

    • About thirty-five miles to the nearest Kinko’s. Once in a while, when I have a big job (like printing out an entire book), I have taken a job in there on a flash drive. No problem. Ah, I miss the networked laser printers at the university sometimes. Those and the swimming pool—that’s all I miss.

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