TSA Fires Wiccan

Another strike against the so-called Transportation Safety Administration’s general bureaucratic ineptitude. Add religious discrimination to their list of ugly attitudes.

Judge: Let’s take the witchcraft out of it. If someone complains to you, he’s Jewish, and refers to a stereotype about his Judaism, go to mediation and work it out? Is that management’s response to that?

Lloyd: No. That would not be management’s response to that.

Judge: OK. But witchcraft takes it into a different thing? I guess. I guess witchcraft and Judaism are different in the sense that — what?

Lloyd: To be perfectly honest, sir, at the time, I wasn’t even — I didn’t know anything about witchcraft or Wiccanism. … I wasn’t even aware that Wiccanism was a recognized religion at the time. I had to research it afterwards.

2 thoughts on “TSA Fires Wiccan

  1. Honestly, this kind of situation makes me dizzy and confused.

    Yes, folks ought to be able to get a job and do it without suffering discrimination because of their religion. Or because management and co-workers imagine their religion is something that it’s really not.

    But the job’s with the TSA, which has, shall we say, a reputation for not being all that respectful of travelers in all their diversity. So I’m wondering if it’s the kind of job that Wiccans and Pagans should do.

    Somebody said “union.” I though that “union” had turned into a naughty word and a thoughtcrime in this day and age. But imagine if the IWW organized the TSA! We would be secure in ways we never imagined!

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