Gallimaufry with Graphs

• The writing process, graphed, from Boing Boing.

• The “great conversation” lives on: University students discovering ideas that their so-called teachers kept from them because they were not “relevant” or something.

•  Why did Borders crash? Here is one view. Too much space given to music. for one thing, says the writer.

Support for a “gap year” before university grows in the U.S. I could have used one.

One thought on “Gallimaufry with Graphs

  1. Pitch313

    Borders–management goals and vision may enter the picture, as well.

    Gap year–As I recollect, many high school graduates of my generation were offered a gap year or two, all expenses paid by the government. Going directly to college seemed, at that time, preferable.

    The Heritage of Literature–I have learned most of what I intellectually know from books, including a fair passel of what used to be called “great “books,” the ones that educated folks were supposed to read so that they would share a common background in their literary heritage.

    But my parents and others would often snarkily accuse me of something they called “READING TOO MUCH!” This snark caused me to read even more, so as to get deeper into that background and literary heritage that so intimidated them. Reading is Liberation!

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