Today Show Goes Silly on Halloween

It’s more than silly to Lenore Skenazy, who calls it the “outrage of the week.”

She is the feisty author and blogger at Free-Range Kids. Anyone who has any contact with kids under 12 ought to be reading her.

Imagine if the Today Show guidelines had been in place when Charles Schulz wrote, “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.” The Peanuts gang would be inside at a “safe” party organized by grown-ups, with various adults warning them about eating too much candy, wearing loose costumes (these can make you trip!) and wearing tight costumes (these can cut off your air supply before you know it and God knows how many kids have died of tight-costumitis!), and everything else, including running, skipping, laughing (you could choke!) and wearing costumes that scare the other kids. Because nothing even the teensiest bit frightening should ever happen to kids at all. Even on Halloween.

I don’t even have kids of my own, but I read her regularly. And I was able to share this with her last month and get a Tweet in return.

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