Robert Anton Wilson’s passing

Jason Pitzl-Waters posts today about the death of Robert Anton Wilson. Follow his links.

I spent some time today looking through some files for an article by him that ran in the old Llewellyn Publications magazine Gnostica, but I could not find it. It was an account of a mystical experience involving the Virgin of Guadalupe, and it was there (or somewhere else!) that he wrote how if you treated the gods as archetypes, they could suprise you by acting like gods. And vice versa, of course!

I met him just once, in the mid-1980s, when he came through Boulder, Colorado, where I was in graduate school. By then some people already wanted to treat him like a guru, but Wilson was a writer, not a guru, and he knew it. He was too in love with indeterminacy, with “maybe,” as RU Sirius said, to ever be a dogmatic teacher.