Two Important New Books in Pagan Studies

Modern Pagan and Native Faith Movements in Central and Eastern Europe, edited by Kaarina Aitamurto and Scott Simpson, has now been released in hardcover. (No paperback edition appears to be coming in the near future.)

You can read the complete table of contents and see ordering information at Acumen Publishing’s website.

Also being released in June — Pop Pagans: Pagans and Popular Music, with contributions from some of the people on my blogroll, I am happy to say.

The same publishing arrangement applies, one of the reasons that my series co-editor and I said farewell to Acumen.

2 thoughts on “Two Important New Books in Pagan Studies

  1. harmonyfb

    Man, I wish the ‘Central and Eastern Europe’ book was a little less expensive. I’d love to read it, but $90 for a single title? That ain’t happening. ::sigh:: Guess that’ll go on the ‘when I win the lotto’ list.

  2. Have you seen the Pop Pagans book? I admit to being surprised by its release—I can’t recall having heard of it before now. It’s a shame I couldn’t share with any of the writers my Pagan music questionnaire and results from 1994-96.

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