3 thoughts on “Father Christmas in the Wild

  1. There’s also a full length movie that was made in Finland based on these two short films, also called Rare Exports, that’s now available on DVD in the US. They’re based on an older, darker version of Santa/ Father Christmas in Finnish tradition. Interestingly, in Finnish, Santa is called Joulupukki or ‘Yule Goat’, which ties into the movie. I may be biased by a love of all things Finnish, but I enjoyed the movie. It has a nice mix of creepiness and humor and is enjoyable if you’re looking for a darker take on the Christmas/ Yule season.

  2. I am aware of the full-length film, although I could not embed it in my blog. My experience with Finns, if I may generalize, is that they tend to be often unpretentious, industrious, sort of shy (when sober), and with The Archaic rather closer to the surface than in most other Europeans.

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