Not *My* Ancient Pagan Survival

All right, you have put away the skulls, bats, and dishes for your ancestors, all the while humming, “It’s the Most Magickal Time of the Year.”

It’s time to think about Yule! And to ponder, is this custom an ancient Pagan survival? (Slightly NSFW.)

As for your pre-Christian traditional Yule tree, Obama wants to tax it.  Suddenly embarrassed, the White House has “delayed” the tax.

3 thoughts on “Not *My* Ancient Pagan Survival

  1. Drake

    No, Obama doesn’t. Right-wing media figures are accusing the Obama administration of seeking to impose a tax on Christmas trees; but the Christmas tree industry has been working since 2008 — before President Obama was elected — to partner with the Department of Agriculture and establish a marketing campaign funded by tree growers in order to promote the sale of fresh Christmas trees.

    1. Drake, you are right, of course, that this is all about marketing and about fighting the menace of plastic trees (I am all for that).

      What upsets the blogger, mainly, is the misuse of language, as he sees it.

      And it is a truism of politics that a sitting president is responsible and can have his name attached to everything in his administration.

  2. Pitch313

    There’s something fun about the notion of playing where’s waldo squatting in a (Catalan) Nativity display. It’s carnival-erous.

    At the same time, Mr. Hankey and his family (South Park) gives me no Xmas jolt whatsoever.

    OMG! Xmas-wise I’m going both ways!!!

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