The Dangers of Pagan Blogging

I started blogging in 2003, but I had no idea that being a Pagan blogger was the “scariest job on earth.”

On a regular basis you will receive messages claiming someone in the Pagan community is a thief, a pervert, a pedophile, a drug addict, a rapist, a sexual harasser, and even a murderer. In hysterical language you be told of misdeeds so foul that you think you must have misread the e-mail.

Dear readers, you are letting me down. No one has denounced anyone to me lately as a pervert, murderer, etc. Where are the evildoers that I may blog about them?

(Really, don’t bother.)

6 thoughts on “The Dangers of Pagan Blogging

  1. Pitch313

    Well, I work with deities and guardians who do not originate in or derive from the Western European-North American constellation of cultures.

    I meditate, and I have done so since I was 12 years old.

    I used to work in the comics biz, and I have participated in developing cultural trends and fad building. I even have some understanding of fandom.

    I grew up under the influence of environmentalism and nascent Green world views.

    I have been a card-carrying food co-op member. In Berkeley. Where I resided in the Gourmet Ghetto. Not 2 blocks from Chez Panisse.

    I ride mountain bikes. In open and green spaces. Where wild things are/were.

    Is that wicked and unsettling enough?

  2. I’m a slacker about blogging, but I’ve been doing it for a few years now and it’s always been a pleasant experience. I also feel almost completely disengaged (and deliberately so) from the drama online (and off).

  3. I figure that I’m just a)not well-known enough to get the hate mail or b)my uber protective spam filters just keep me from seeing 99% of the crap. The only false accusations and threats of violence I’ve experienced this year have exclusively come from people I know in real life … who the police agree are nutbags already. I’m certainly not worried about any threat I might receive via my blog or any social media!

  4. Christine Kraemer

    Your blog is on too high a reading level. You’re just not attracting the paranoid demographic!

    (No offense to Star Foster — there’s a place in the world for extremely accessible writing…)

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