Clickety clickety clickety DING!

It’s the end of an era.

I still have two machines, one out of the old Colorado Springs Free Press building, for which I paid $5. And another that I hold onto for sentimental reasons, because I bought it with the money from the first short story that ever sold, at age 17. (I think it was the only short story that I ever sold, for that matter.)

UPDATE: Apparently I—and a lot of other people—were suckered. It was just the one factory in India that closed. Typewriters are still being made elsewhere.

1 thought on “Clickety clickety clickety DING!

  1. If we come to face electric power shortages, then somebody will revive this muscle powered technology. But I haven’t touched a typewriter in decades, and I don’t especially want to go retro…

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