Gallimaufry in Eden

• At the Religion in American History blog: What Puritans, Shakers, beer, and running shoes have in common.

• Is The Decembrists’ The King is Dead their most Pagan-friendly album? Laura at The Juggler thinks so.

• It is true that religion scholars go on and on about “the sacred.” So why is “the paranormal” not given equivalent attention?

• If I did not have the Interwebz available for checking, I would never have thought that these were actual book titles.

2 thoughts on “Gallimaufry in Eden

  1. Pitch313

    Hey! If the gods didn’t get here by UFO, then how did they build CERN’s Large Hadron Collider? And how did the planchette get inside the iPhone app? And where did the Angels buy their dancing shoes?

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