How to Convert a Witch

DC to AC? Fahrenheit to Celsius? PC to Mac?

No, silly rabbit. Change their religion. But first,

And if you bump into a witch in a bar or coffee shop, the book adds, it’s important to recognize that “Wiccans are on a genuine spiritual quest,” providing “the starting point for dialog that may lead to their conversion.”

At least that sounds better than saying they are slaves to Satan.

British Catholic blogger Damian Thompson takes the snotty road (he is shocked!) which is his speciality, as Jason Pitzl-Waters notes.

6 thoughts on “How to Convert a Witch

  1. “the starting point for dialog that may lead to their conversion.”

    Whenever one encounters any reference to “inter-faith dialogue” involving the creed-making fishermen, it is important to remember that by “dialogue” they mean just another strategy for eradicating all other religions.

  2. I’ve never heard of Damian before but from the first two paragraphs of the linked page, I’m afraid he isn’t going to live up to his name (whether as Damien or Damian). He seems a man with a small spirit that constantly needs feeding; and unfortunately, he seems to prefer the small-minded meal of others’ discomfort. So I won’t be reading further materials by him.

    As for Ms Dodd, she seems a bit in need of a male support system. Perhaps being just female was a bit too scary? I’m not sure. I’ll have to read her pamphlet (if I can find a free copy) and judge then.

  3. lovely logical own goal there, wicca doesn’t work, but is dangerous (in case it does!) . Telegraph journalism sets the standards again (for those not in UK, it is a pretty rightwing Tory rag)

    wonderful non-sterotypical photo, too….

  4. “Nearly 70 percent of people indulging in witchcraft…”

    How on earth did they get that number when we can’t get ourselves to stand up for a count?

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