The Infrared Signature of Ghosts

Over at my other blog,  I have been posting examples of wildlife photos taken with game cameras (a/k/a scout cameras or camera traps).

Seeking to learn more about how their passive infrared (PIR) detectors work, I was browsing the Web and ended up with South Jersey Ghost Research.

Apparently, PIR motion sensors can be used for ghost-hunting. Here is a tutorial, using the term loosely.

For instance, their diagram makes no sense. An animal as small as a mouse can trip a camera. I have seen it happen. Squirrels definitely will do so. And as for cats, what is in the lower right corner of the PIR-activated camera photo on this page at the Ghosthunter Store site?

Nevertheless, the Ghosthunter Store site confidently proclaims, “When a PIR Motion Sensor detects movement in an area where there isn’t anything visible moving, you have a major unexplainable paranormal event.”

(Unless something did move but was not captured due to digital shutter lag, which happens all the time, particularly in less-fancy cameras.)

Except … I thought that ghosts traditionally were associated with unexplained cold spots in buildings. When did they start emitting infrared radiation?

Clearly, I am not up-to-date on twenty-first century ghost-hunting.

2 thoughts on “The Infrared Signature of Ghosts

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  2. Pitch313

    I’m not a fan of ghosthunting myself. Mostly because my Trads more or less discourage playing around with the proximate-to-us paranormal and just messing around with spirits. And, I guess, because I hesitate to rely on concrete technical means for occultural or spiritual information.

    What I have come down to, vis a vis ghosthunting sorts of paranormal contacts is simply that if the spirits want to communicate with us humans of occultural slant–They should just speak up on our plentiful mobile phones, tablet computers, netbooks, laptops, and home computers. Or appear regularly on TV. No vagueness or nebulousity or OMG! stunts. Just plain straight talk from a Talking Head!

    P.S. I don’t get the IR motion detector stuff, either. Paranormal entities often lack any weight or heat or other signs typical of living beings.

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