Apollo, God of Coffeehouses

Solar Roast Coffee, 226 N. Main St., Pueblo, ColoradoBack when Enchanté was a zine rather than a blog, Brightshadow did a series of articles on “gods of the city.”

These were representations of the Old Gods in statuary, architecture, etc., primarily in New York City, where he lives.

New York has no monopoly on them, of course. I like riding a morning train into Chicago from the east and seeing the rising Sun light up the statue of Ceres on the Chicago Board of Trade building, for example.

Pueblo, Colorado, has a coffeehouse dedicated to Phoebus Apollo. You can see him in his Sun-chariot over the door.

No, it’s not across from a hospital and full of doctors. City Hall types are more prevalent.

The owners have put the Sun to work, however. All of their coffee is solar-roasted in a variety of home-built roasters, which you can see on their Web site.

I would tend to associate coffeehouses with Hermes—all the brain buzz, the clicking laptop keyboards, the newspapers and books.

But this one’s Apollo’s.

UPDATE: Still learning my way around WordPress—I hit a little glitch and lost the comments on this post. Sorry.

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  1. Nice! Yes I would associate Mercury or Hermes with coffee-houses – they were where all the trading was done in the 18th century, and where people would meet and exchange ideas, and as Mercury is god of trade and ideas too, that makes sense.

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