Patheos’ Pagan Gateway

I have had the privilege of helping to create the “Pagan gateway” on, a new interfaith religious portal site designed to help people find “ credible, comprehensive, easily accessible information on religion and spirituality.”

Founders Leo and Cathie Brunnick are trying to create a site that is comprehensive, academically sound, but accessible to everyone, with all the usual bells and whistles — discussion forums, blogs, etc.

Time’s article on the overall Patheos site produced some picky responses on the GetReligion blog.

Of course Patheos will be compared to — from the Pagan perspective, I think it is a lot better. I wrote earlier about my bad experience as a blogger with Beliefnet.

The “Arts & Entertainment” link is not yet working, but will have information on musicians, movies, and so on.

Go visit, see what you think, and stake out a spot on the discussion board. The Pagan Gateway team is supposed to seed them with provocative questions.