Concentration and Its Enemies — II

I blogged recently on concentrating on one’s work in an online world … wait, I have to check some blogs … OK, I’m back.

At John Tierney’s blog the discussion continues. All sorts of perspectives:

Fortunately, I am able to focus, but one of the reasons is because I have schizophrenia, although now it is in remission

What are the dogs barking at?

Another commenter says,

I sometimes find that low-volume, rhythmic, bass background sounds (e.g., the thrumming of an airplane’s engine, some examples of techno music) help me to concentrate, or, at least, to concentrate on material that doesn’t require my full attention.

I concur. (movie reference–got to look it up.) An iPod loaded with “trance” or some techno music can indeed put me in a bubble where I can get some kinds of work done.

Hey, look, a kitty!