Mercury is Retrograde–Use It

For the astrologically minded among you, Mercury went retrograde today, meaning that its apparent motion as view from earth is the opposite of normal.

Every time this happens, the Colorado Pagan email group gets a few “Horrors! Mercury is retrograde!” messages. Astrologers like Lynn Hayes have a standard message:

Meanwhile, Mercury turns retrograde on January 11th where it will remain through January 31. Mercury Rx periods are famous for communication glitches and machinery failures. Often these are due to user error, as our brains function differently during the three weeks, four times a year, when Mercury is retrograde. If you must enter into a contract or begin a new job or project during this period, do everything you can ensure that all agreements are clear and in writing. Read all of your instruction manuals, and don’t be surprised if your phone messages don’t reach their intended destination. Just shrug your shoulders and laugh: “Mercury is retrograde!!”

I find retrograde-Mercury periods refreshing, actually. As someone with a Mercury-ruled horoscope (and therefore an expert, no?) I offer this alternative reading:

In my experience, this is a great time to clear your desk. Write that difficult letter that you put off writing. Tie up loose ends. Keeping plugging along at ongoing projects. Complete some task that you have been meaning to do since whenever.

This is your second chance.