Pueblo’s Hipper Image

Pueblo, Colorado, where I am employed, has seen its reputation slowly changing. While this column by Colorado Springs Independent columnist John Hazlehurst is actually a reproof of his own city, with Pueblo playing the role of “noble savage,” it’s part of a trend. As the northern Colorado Front Range region becomes more malls, subdivisions, and freeways, suddenly non-trendy blue-collar Southern Colorado is looking better, more “authentic.”

Maybe Pueblo will become “Santa Fe in the Rockies.” (But, John, Santa Fe, New Mexico, is already in the Rockies.) If so, trendoid newcomers will have to learn “Pueblonics” — how to say “youse guys” with a Hispanic accent and how to apply such similes as “X was like a Bojohn wedding,” or “Y is bigger than the Cannon Game.”javascript:void(0)