The Anatomy of Diesel Punk

For when you are tired of the fussiness of steam punk—diesel punk explained:

Generally, dieselpunk can take inspiration from ’20s German Expressionist films, film noir, 1930s pulp magazines and radio dramas, crime and wartime comics, period propaganda films and newsreels, wartime pinups, and other entertainment of the early 20th century. As this covers a broad spectrum, the precise sources of inspiration can vary greatly between dieselpunk works. Like Steam Punk, Dieselpunk is a genre dictated primarily by its aesthetics rather than by its thematic content. Both grime and glamour have their place in dieselpunk.

Now I learn that one of my Favorite Movies of All Time is diesel punk:

• the 1995 film adaptation of Shakespeare’s Richard III, set in 1930s Britain (coupling Diesel Dystopia with Putting On The Reich and ShoutOuts to 1984)

Click through to YouTube trailer. When I saw the ticker tape machine in the opening sequence (not part of this YouTube clip), I was gone.

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  1. Pitch313

    I await with bated breath amid statically charged hot air scented with ozone the advent of Vacuum Tube Punk. Am I having visions of antique cyclotrons and X-massy bubble chambers yet?

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