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Is Anybody There?

Do the dead belong in the living room? More information.

The Scary Countryside 2: Children of the Stones

The original “Scary Countryside” post. As mentioned above, “the scary countryside” is a staple meme of television and movies on both side of the pond, but in the UK there is the additional refinement of “the scary countryside where people practice strange and ancient rites.” That does not work as well in North America unless […]

Keep the Weird in the the West

Indianapolis blogger Roberta X muses on the literary sub-genre known as “Weird West.” Sometimes that means sort of H. P. Lovecraft-meets-Wyatt Earp, sometimes other things. My introduction was the online graphic novel Tex Arcana, back when the Web was still young. If your reading tastes don’t go that direction, here are Montana novelist Ivan Doig’s […]

On the Keeping of Pet Hermits and Druids

Some of the eighteenth-century hermits employed by rich landowners were in fact characterized as “Druids.” Campbell clearly had fun with his quest for real hermits. At Hawkstone in Shropshire, a bare-footed and venerable Fr Francis regularly posed with his stock-in-trade: a skull, an hourglass and book. Although replaced at times by an automaton, Hawkstone’s hermit […]

Quality of British Crop Circles Sagging

Says the Daily Mail, which prints some examples. Insiders say a number of top crop circle makers have quit following a clampdown by farmers and moved onto making sand circles, which are legal. In previous years, impressive crop circles have drawn in thousands of tourists to southern England and some believers who saw the circles […]

Hogwarts for Vampires

Maybe if I had a bookish teenage daughter I would know this, but the boarding-school-for-vampires (etc.) genre has exploded. Here is a typical cover blurb: Two years after a horrible incident made them run away, vampire princess Lissa and her guardian-in-training Rose are found and returned to St. Vladimir’s Academy, where one focuses on mastering […]

The Future is Yours, Students

This speaks for itself, but I can’t remember where it came from. But if you Google “young Freemasons world domination,” you will find all sorts of interesting links.

A FedEx Delivery from R’lyeh

It lies under the sea, sleeping, waiting, until it is summoned forth. Life imitates art, again.

A ‘Going Out of Civilization’ Sale

The local weekly newspaper arrived in my post office box today. I see that a liquor store in my little mountain county is announcing a new 12/21/12 pricing plan: Bud or Bud Light six packs will cost you two chickens or a goat . . . Canadian Mist 175’s will cost you 1,000 rounds of […]

Weirdest Google Search String Yet

This brought a visitor to the blog: “grizzly bears knowing Jesus Christ is coming.” The truth is that I did have Jesus Christ and a grizzly bear in one blog post.