Well, This Is Puzzling

who signed?Earth Day is upon us, and various people have been promoting the Pagan Community Statement on the Environment.

As John Halstead, one of its strongest advocates, wrote on his blog,

The Statement represents the largest collective expression of Pagan voices ever and the most successful attempt to date to harmonize Pagan voices on what is the most critical issue of our time.

Signing it is not going to clean a single stream, but as has been pointed out, its greatest impact may be on interfaith groups that tend to ignore us.

I have been on the road most of the last three weeks but home again, I decided that yes, I should sign it. So I went to the site and tried to do so, only to get the message screen-captured above.

Three possibilities present themselves:

1. I signed it during some kind of blackout and had no conscious memory of having done so.

2. Someone else signed my name.

3. There was a software glitch.

4. The fairies are messing with me again.


4 thoughts on “Well, This Is Puzzling

  1. Not Frank

    Check the signatures page, you’re on there, #582. This petition has been around at least a year, so you probably signed it before and forgot.

    1. John, some friends know it of course, and at first I thought that one might have signed me on to the petition. But if I did it myself, as “Not Frank” suggested, then my mind is gone.

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