I’m Here to Fill your Krampus-tide Stocking

Don’t forget to leave a penny for Krampus! (Maine State Museum).

Krampus likes lots of odd, pointy, and weird things, so let’s go . . . .

Was a genuine 11th-century Norse penny found in Maine dropped by a Norse explorer, or is it part of a long-time hoax? But would   “Egil Ketilson” have been carrying money? Where was he going to spend it, Skraeling-Mart?

• The initiates of Mithras also kept their secrets well. But they left some buildings, and people try to figure out the religion from those.

“I realized that if I designed my metal band, it would definitely be a pagan feminist folkcore band, which is a Swedish/Norwegian style of metal music. It’s really ambient and loud even though it’s not using as much electricity-style [sic] instruments. I realized that I didn’t know anything about paganism. I was grabbing onto it because it seemed logical for this brand of metal. Slowly, over the years, I started researching goddesses and figuring out that in paganism there is a lot of mathematics and numerology. That instantly peaked [sic] my curiosity because I like working with numbers.”

Being avante-garde these days is such a lot of work.  And you have to learn about runes and electricity and stuff. (Does anyone still say “avante-garde”?)

• “Your eyes appear to have a magical power all of their own”? “You operate at a lower body temperature than the people around you.” You might be descended from Fairies.  Yeah, sure, tell it to Krampus.

2 thoughts on “I’m Here to Fill your Krampus-tide Stocking

  1. Medeina Ragana

    “Your eyes appear to have a magical power all of their own”?

    Well, I don’t know about my eyes “having a magical power all own”, but I have been known to inadvertently, and with absolutely no control or intent, gave the “evil eye” three times. Was an absolute shock to me when it happened. Too bad I can’t do that on command. Sigh…

    “You operate at a lower body temperature than the people around you.” Yes, my normal body temperature is somewhere between 96.5 and 97.2 (F). The nursing assistants, at my doctor’s office, always look at me strangely because of it. I tell them it’s because my “blood thinned out” from having lived in Florida for 10 years. 🙂

  2. Pitch313

    I grew up in the post-WWII San Francisco Bay Area. The region then supported a diverse and thriving avante garde sensibility, and I aspired to sharing in that sensibility. Occultism and Paganism and Craft contributed to the region’s overall avante garde awareness.

    Subsequently, many elements of that avante garde sensibility has spread into the cultural mainstream. Mostly through development of communications technology and mass participation. The sorts of notions and interests and endeavors that–when I was young–were restricted to an avante garde few are these days accessible to any user of the internet or a mobile phone.

    I think that an avante garde sensibility has morphed into something postmodern and accessible and possible on a much broader cultural front.

    Every human takes part in today’s avante garde all the time. Everyday living involves the edge of the envelope. Occult “mysteries” are blockbuster movies and popular apps and YouTube videos and memes and all.

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