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A Meeting of Polytheists goes among the Dodekatheists, followers of the Olympic gods. Click link for video with English subtitles. Polytheism is “democratical.”

Pentagram Pizza from Rome’s Enemy

¶ The word went around last week of the passing of Jonas Trinkunas (1939–2014), founder of the revived Lithuanian Pagan group Romuva. This Lithuanian website has video of his funeral ceremony, everyone in archaic ritual gear, lots of singing and drumming. (Video may be slow to load.) ¶ “Perhaps the future Carthaginians were like the Pilgrim […]

Resources in Pagan Theology

Christine Hoff Kraemer has assembled a list of books and websites on contemporary Pagan theology. I was happy that I only once reacted with “What is X doing here?” And maybe I ought to give X a second look (or maybe not). You really ought to read most of those books.

An Offering to Tlaloc in the Burned-Over Forest

Last week M. and I climbed over the ridge to “Camera Trap Spring” (our personal name for it) to leave an offering to Tlaloc. Thing have changed a little bit since a year ago. The ground is black with ash. Stones have cracked from the heat of a forest fire. That ground-up bark on the […]

Around the Pagan Blogosphere

• At The Used Key Is Always Bright, a young boy’s dream of “small gods” intriguingly includes “the god of keys.” • Ivo Dominguez deals with someone who thinks that His People own the idea of four directions, the elements, etc. Via Miniver Cheevy, where there is a postscript. • Christopher Penzcak talks about the Mighty […]

Pentagram Pizza without External Validation

• Pharoah Tutankhamun was a lot more important dead than he ever was during his short life. So for him, can we say that the embalmers and craftsmen did give him immortality? • Magic is a way of living: or why Dion Fortune got it wrong, from Anne Hill. • Sannion on why you do […]

On Bringing back the Olympian Gods

This went around a couple of weeks ago, but  I never blogged it. Now I have. Here’s a short list of things we could do if we brought back the Greek gods: • Go to oracles. • Go on quests. • Fight monsters. • Challenge gods to contests. • Go to Hades and try to […]

Gerald Gardner and the Question of Polytheism.

I recently reviewed Philip Heselton’s latest biography of Gerald Gardner, but I did not have time to discuss one of his final observations, written in a too-brief closing chapter, “An Assessment of Gerald Gardner.” Heselton writes, “Indeed, he really didn’t, I think, have any of what we might call ‘spiritual’ feelings: at any rate, he […]

Pentagram Pizza with the Inner Bark of Pine Trees

• At Wytch of the North, a lengthy blog post on being a godspouse. • A small publisher seeks submissions for a volume on “transgressive rites and rituals.” We are looking primarily for practical articles describing new and original rites and rituals that cross barriers and challenge social norms. Although the bulk of the book […]

Hail, Caffeina, Goddess of Health!

A little idol like this one, purchased at the Nashville Parthenon* gift shop, sits on my bookshelf. Truly, Caffeina rewards her followers, as this article in The Atlantic notes: But that caffeine is only mechanism behind coffee’s health effects is supported by a small study of 554 Japanese adults from October that looked at coffee and green […]