Western Polytheists Have a Long Way to Go

For example, at our funerals, where are the dragon dancers? The all-female marching bands? The strippers?

“I want it to be boistrous. My father liked this kind of atmosphere.”

These Taiwanese make a New Orleans funeral look positively Lutheran.

And it’s much the same in mainland China, where the spicy-funeral custom is drawing the attention of the ever-vigilant government.

Take the outdoor funeral for an 86-year-old man surnamed Huang in central China’s Henan province in December 2012. A woman in a short, white skirt and halter top pulls a mourner on stage and begins to undress him, while periodically peeling off a piece of her own clothing.

Sex and death, baby. Keep turning the wheel.

5 thoughts on “Western Polytheists Have a Long Way to Go

      1. Medeina Ragana

        Interesting concept. Isn’t this what the Victorians used to do by the way?

  1. Medeina Ragana

    My Pagan friends all want everyone to throw a big party as well. (I snarkily responded: “so they’re happy to see you gone?” I got a smack for that! Ha ha!)

    Me? I’ve donated my body to the local medical college. Later they can just cremate it and throw the ashes in a compost pile. Hey! It’s good fertilizer! Why not use it to grow crops? I’m not using it. 🙂

  2. The salacious focus on the upskirt shots of the dancers in this piece seemed totally unnecessary. No attempt made to place it in context, merely to sensationalize the practices of another culture. Kind of gross, really.

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