Pentagram Pizza Cut into 12 Slices

• Everything old is new againyoung Chinese discover the Western zodiac and think that it is cooler than “Year of the Monkey,” etc.

• “Witchcrap” from The Daily Beast website — “These Modern Witches Want to Cast a Spell on You.”

Modern witchcraft combines feminism, self-help, and wellness. But is there more to it than pretty crystals, stunning Instagram pictures, and lucrative business opportunities?

I think that’s called “fake news.”

• From Jason Miller’s Strategic Sorcery blog:American Gods: The Jersey Devil and the Pines Witch.”   This post was part of “The American Gods Project” — read the rest. “Truly, all sorcery is local.”

• In Albania, they stop the Evil Eye with plushies. Truly, all sorcery is local.

2 thoughts on “Pentagram Pizza Cut into 12 Slices

  1. Pitch313

    In regard to the Daily Beast article–How it describes witchcraft seems quite different from my own experience as a participant in and practitioner of Neopagan witchcraft. Magic (as revealed by my various teachers and my own doings) does not revolve around empowerment, self-betterment, and not-too-mooney spirituality. It orbits transformation and adaptation that often has little to do with any personal dimension, as well as deities and energies that sometimes make any notion of selfhood seem almost irrelevant.

  2. Medeina Ragana

    Seems to me the Daily Beast article is referencing a bunch of New Agers who are simply using the term “witchcraft” because it appears to be in vogue. ::shrugs:: Whatever.

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