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Links: Exorcists, Vampires, Shamans, and the New Gothic

So many links, so little time to comment. Pick one, two, or three of these to read. Mix and match. Fill your plate. Come back for more. • Sexy vampires threaten Catholic youth, thus encouraging — you guessed it — “dabbling.” • Witchy craft: I am building these. • Another interesting article on the revival […]

“Good Witches” at the Alchemical Bar

In Brooklyn, says the New York Times, “real-life good witches” are selling herbal cocktails and “celebrating all things magical.” Ms. Ayales’s best-selling formulas are Love Handles, a tonic said to help blast fat with ginger, Himalayan pink salt, green coffee bean and a rain forest tree berry called cha de bugre, and Lucid Dreaming, a […]

Free Articles in Ethnobotany, Ethnomedicine

The Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine has an archive of downloadable articles, including this one, “Down Deep in the Holler [sic]: Chasing Seeds and Stories in Southern Appalachia” (link is to PDF file). Interesting material from all over the world.

Quick Review: Two Books on Mind-Altering Herbs

My house holds several shelves of herb books, thanks to M.’s interest in herbalism, some of which rubs off on me. Lots of them are not relevant to our ecosystem, but we keep them for one little bit or another.  Of the best, my favorites include Charles Kane’s Herbal Medicine of the American Southwest, although […]

A Folk Healer in Urban Detroit

An interesting story but it raises the old question: how much credit goes to the herb and how much to the herb-doctor: A lot of inner-city folks don’t have much money, don’t have any health insurance, and have little trust for the run-down clinics that cater to the poor. So if their illness isn’t too […]

For People Who Can’t Find the Spice Aisle . . .

  . . . .  you can buy gen-u-wine witchy basil of unknown age and origin on eBay. (Click image to embiggen.)

Around the Pagan Blogosphere

• Ways of leaving offerings for land wights, at Golden Trail. • Hermes versus the Internal Revenue Service (and a great poem) at The Alchemist’s Garden. • “Animist Human Diplomats”  at Adventures in Animism. Are you asking more than you are giving? • Still on the theme of place: Dealing with a psychically hostile place […]

Spices, Speak to Me

The Mistress of Spices is sort of like the wort-cunning herbalist witch archetype, only with (Asian) Indians and a Bollywood star whose “acting” is very stylized, mostly about eye makeup. We ordered it from Netflix months ago, and it finally reached the top of our queue. The whole movie is so stylized that it is […]

On the Road

I will be on the road or in the land of longleaf pine for the next four days, so posting will probably be non-existent until around May 5th. Yes, vitamin C and oshá are on the menu. I have a magical faith in oshá, especially from the Taos Herb Co. I just squirted some tincture […]

Goatheads are good for something?

Every gardening writer likes to write about reading seed catalogs as the midwinter snow falls. So I won’t do that. I will just mention that I was perusing the new Richter’s catalog as ten inches of fresh powder–well, OK, it is more than a cliche. It happens. “What the hell,” I said. “They’re selling goatheads!” […]