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Ways of leaving offerings for land wights, at Golden Trail.

Hermes versus the Internal Revenue Service (and a great poem) at The Alchemist’s Garden.

• “Animist Human Diplomats”  at Adventures in Animism. Are you asking more than you are giving?

• Still on the theme of place: Dealing with a psychically hostile place of the dead, from Three Shouts on a Hilltop.

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  1. Rombald

    I’m surprised the coins left in Spain were seen as so notable. Doesn’t that happen in the USA?

    In England, people leave coins in wells, springs and ponds. They even leave them in artificial fountains in shopping centres, etc., which always seems a bit peculiar to me. There is also a tradition of forcing coins into wedges in trees, usually dead trees, that look remarkable in some way. What seems to happen is that as soon as a few people leave coins, lots of others follow them, especially in popular tourist areas.

    In Japan, leaving coins is part of Shinto. Obviously, people leave coins at shrines, but they also put them on top of remarkable places, especially big rocks, etc. I have even seen people leaving offerings to pictures in art galleries.

  2. Hi, thank you very much for sharing my post about Animism and Humans and the whole Relationship thing. That was very kind of you. Your name rings a bell and I am not sure why. Thanks again, Heather

  3. Forgive my ignorance– what is UPG?

    Both Matt and Rebecca (separately!) had an odd experience in the guest house next door– not quite as sinister but I gather neither is in a hurry to stay there again. I don’t ask the general run of guests, who pay the owners a lot!

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