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Got Ghosts with Your Historic House?

When I was handling the sale of my mother’s Arizona home after her death, the real estate agent and I were perched on the kitchen counters doing the paperwork, because the furniture had already been moved out. Working through a long sale-listing questionnaire, I came to a question asking if the property were haunted. “You’re […]

Wiccan Ghost-Hunting in India

If you are of a certain age — or if you hang around the “occult” section in used-bookstores — you might remember the ghost-hunting team of English witch Sybil Leek (1917–1982) and American parapsychology author Hans Holzer (1920–2009). They were both writers, but the books appeared under his name, such as The Lively Ghosts of […]

Back to Blogging, Short Version. Also Ghosts.

Short version: I was real busy and then I picked up a nasty cold. Savor the irony: I think that I got it at a National Outdoor Leadership School Wilderness First Aid class (two intensive eight-hour days). I have all these links to comment on and books to review and, basically, I have done zilch. […]

Gamers and Ghost-hunters

What gaming I do has been on computers rather than consoles, so this is a development I missed—using the new Xbox for ghost-hunting. Ever since the release of the Kinect motion sensor controllers in 2010, gamers have been posting videos of “Kinect Ghosts” detected by their Xbox 360. The Kinect prompts you when a new […]

When Hitler Spoke Latvian

A BBC piece examines EVP —  Electronic Voice Projection — or the alleged recording of spirit voices on tape or digital recorders. The simplest explanation is that EVP voices are just stray radio transmissions. Usually they are so faint and masked by static interference that it’s hard to make out what they are saying, and […]

Sex with Ghosts, Vengeful Mummies, etc.

At The Hairpin, A Q&A with author, photographer, and ossuary expert Paul Koudounaris. Two quotes: Back in grad school I was known as the Fox Mulder of the art history department. Everyone else was working on Rembrandt and I was looking at woodblock prints of witches. . . . If you consider Psycho, the one […]

Just a Small Town Ghost Story

The house was once a boarding house for railroad workers, so I am told, as well a private home through the second half of the twentieth century and so far in the twenty-first. When I go grouse and duck-hunting with my friend G., who has lived there for the decade past, I usually sleep in […]

The Wizard and the “Reality” Ghosthunters

Oberon Zell, co-founder of the Church of All Worlds and headmaster of the Grey School of Wizardry, looks to have a bit part in a reality TV series, Ghost Girls. Its Facebook page calls it “an off-beat Supernatural/Reality Based TV show pilot about three ‘Real’ claravoyant [sic], beautiful women, who also happen to be divas […]

Ghost Tales of Cripple Creek, &c

At my other blog, a recollection of my one venture into collecting ghost stories. And a couple of incidents that did not make it into the book, mainly because they were “too personal”  and not connected with other people’s experience. And a CNN story on how for “growing ranks of pagans [sic], October 31 means […]

Paranthropology Journal Available Online

Three issues of the journal Paranthropology: Journal of Anthropological Approaches to the Paranormal are available online as PDF files. I had been meaning to download these for a while—finally did it, and I look forward to reading them.