‘Western Pagan Cult’ Comes to India

Wicca reaches India, reports The Telegraph of Calcutta. It’s just a “study group” now, the paper says. (Sure!) There is a Web site, of course, which suggests that the organizers have been Wiccan for some years, in fact.

A month after bisarjan, a western pagan cult worshipping the Mother Goddess looks set to rise from oblivion in the city.

The Wiccan Brigade, to be launched some time in mid-November by Ipsita Roy Chakraverti, will be a platform for those interested in studying wicca and using the branch of knowledge to holistic effect.

Some years ago, when I learned that Wiccan groups were starting in Brazil, I was surprised, because I thought that Brazil already had plenty of magical religion. “Too ‘Christian’ for them,” reported my priestess friend whom a Brazilian group had brought in to speak to them.

But for these Indians, is Wicca more Western and somehow suitable for educated people yet still compatible with Hindu culture? We shall find out.

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