Monetize Your Doll Collection: Add Ghosts

People are always trying to make money off podcasts, Instagram, etc., but have you thought about dolls? Haunted dolls, that is. And who is to say they are haunted? You, the seller!

“Haunted doll Erwin,” currently for sale on eBay.

On eBay, a Fantastical, Earnest World of Haunted Dolls” in the New Yorker.

But whether any of these dolls are truly haunted seems beside the point. As I scroll through pages of smudged cheeks and wonky eyes, pausing on “ ‘Gracelyn’ (not vampire)” and “Bethany, Sad, Lonely Spirit” and “MECA VERY OLD POWERFUL SOUL,” I feel smug that even a sprawling corporation like eBay, with all its accompanying blandness-inducing powers, can’t suppress the batty and outright bizarre. In their unapologetic weirdness and scrappy prose, haunted-doll listings offer a reprieve from the Internet age’s slick, ironic posturing and its distancing effects.

A quick search this morning turned up quite a few listings.

This is not just pop American occulture either; “Erwin,” for instance, is priced in British pounds.

One thought on “Monetize Your Doll Collection: Add Ghosts

  1. Pitch313

    I have once in a while turned to specialty and feature Barbie dolls as figures of Goddesses and magical priestesses. While the fad lasted, I found myself fascinated by “Trailer Trash” Barbies. Some figures of cartoon characters–Grimhild of Disney’s Snow White–stand on my altar.

    But I figure that I am far from a doll collector or fan. Too many poppets, maybe…

    Plus, I am other than fashion minded in my pop occulture pursuits, and “spooky” dolls seem to me to be in the fashion realm.

    as for the money, working in the collectibles industry taught me about that.

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