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Hey, Baby, What’s Your Sign? Want to Check Out my Van?

It is a fact in journalism that some things never get old. Stories about today’s young people are evergreen: Are they hopeless screw-ups? Do they possess a brilliant new world-saving vision? Or both? Or neither? Live long enough, and everything recycles, like platform shoes (they were popular in the 17th century too, not that I […]

Pentagram Pizza Cut into 12 Slices

• Everything old is new again — young Chinese discover the Western zodiac and think that it is cooler than “Year of the Monkey,” etc. • “Witchcrap” from The Daily Beast website — “These Modern Witches Want to Cast a Spell on You.” Modern witchcraft combines feminism, self-help, and wellness. But is there more to […]

Remembering Ed Steinbrecher and His Esoteric School

Looking for something in the bedroom Craft/astrology/Tarot/magick bookshelves this morning, I ran across a copy of Edwin Steinbrecher’s The Guide Meditation. (It’s still available from Samuel Weiser and it’s good.) I checked with Dr. Google and discovered that Steinbrecher, an astrologer and occult teacher, had passed away in 2002 — here is an obituary from […]

The Passing of Carl Weschcke

First, the official announcement from Llewellyn, then my comments. It is with profound sadness we share the news of Carl Llewellyn Weschcke’s passing. He passed peacefully on Saturday, November 7 surrounded by family. He was 85. Carl Llewellyn Weschcke was Chairman and the driving force behind Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd., the oldest and largest publishers of […]

Spica, Online Cultural Astrology Journal, Launched

The Sophia Centre for the Study of Cosmology in Culture at the University of Wales Trinity St. David (formerly at Bath Spa University College) now has an online journal, Spica, with work by students in the MA program in cultural astronomy and astrology. Spica is available as a free PDF here. Articles in the premier […]

CFP: Culture and Cosmos

Call for papers . . . CULTURE AND COSMOS Vol. 17,  no. 1: Literature and the Stars We are inviting submissions for Vol. 17 no 1 (Spring/Summer 2013) on Literature and the Stars. Papers may focus on any time period or culture, and should deal either with representations of astronomy or astrology in fiction, or […]

Your Aries Horoscope: Go Directly to Jail

Police in southwestern Ontario crunch some arrest numbers and note that they arrest more suspects with Sun in Aries than any other sign. Const. Pearce, who produced the data, concedes, “Next year the list could be completely different unless we arrest the same people.”

Astrology Conference Book Available for Preorder

From the announcement: The ‘Astrologies’ conference, organised by the Sophia Centre, University of Wales Trinity Saint David, at the Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution on 24-25 July 2010 was the first gathering of academics working in the history and culture of modern astrology. The range of topics explored in the publication of the conference […]

Making Retrograde Mercury Your Friend

I’ve been reading Diana Rajchel’s “Mercury Retrograde Boot Camp Series” (this is no. 9). Some good stuff there. For this, the practical and metaphysical reason is the same: You clear your path from things that were scattering your attention. Now, the things that need your attention get it faster. That’s immediately more time, attention and […]

Esoteric Poetry Competition Announced

News release: ESOTERIC POETRY INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION YOU ARE INVITED TO SEND short poems of up to eight lines (not including the title) on an esoteric subject. These may refer in a general sense to ‘inner’ knowledge, this may be esoteric in the sense of inner knowledge as in: Astrology, Alchemy Gnosticism Magic but may […]