The Equinox Pagan Studies Series Continues

As I mentioned in November, the Equinox Series in Historic and Contemporary Paganism will continue, even though two books in the series will be published by Acumen, the result of the two firms’ merger and then de-merger. These are the titles:

1. Kaarina Aitamurto and Scott Simpson, eds. Modern Pagan and Native Faith Movements in Central and Eastern Europe.

2. Donna Weston and Andy Bennett, eds., Pop Pagans: Pagans and Popular Music.

Both are well worth reading. Unfortunately, the Central and Eastern European volume will be available only in high-priced hardback at first—one of the problems that my co-editor, Nikki Bado, and I had with Acumen’s approach.

So during 2013 we will be interested in seeing new proposals for the series.