A ‘Going Out of Civilization’ Sale

The local weekly newspaper arrived in my post office box today.

I see that a liquor store in my little mountain county is announcing a new 12/21/12 pricing plan:

Bud or Bud Light six packs will cost you two chickens or a goat . . . Canadian Mist 175’s will cost you 1,000 rounds of 12 gauge . . . All wine 750’s will be traded for five gallons of gas.

People up in the county seat must be well-armed and thirsty. I wouldn’t give more than a box  (25 total) of shotgun shells for 175 ml. of blended Canadian whisky myself .

4 thoughts on “A ‘Going Out of Civilization’ Sale

  1. Ain’t that the normal legal tender there in Custer County, just a trifle inflated on account of them Mayan bastards? Or am I channeling Custer County, Idaho?

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