Now We Are Fifteen

This blog turns fifteen today, which means that it is an adolescent who thinks that it knows more than it does. Sounds about right.

Hey, here’s an idea. Check out the archives — see the button in the right-hand column.

By the Banks of Hardscrabble Creek

Since it has been several years since I have published any of the print versions of “Letter from Hardscrabble Creek,” I am creating this blog to talk about the process and progress of writing and also to comment on what I think are the best new books on contemporary Paganism and nature-based spirituality.

I will also be posting updates on my work in progress, a study of the Pagan revival in America, which has the working title of HER HIDDEN CHILDREN and which will be published by AltaMira Press.

4 thoughts on “Now We Are Fifteen

  1. Congratulations! I’ve enjoyed reading this blog a great deal over the years, and I continue to do so.

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