A Touch of Midwestern Gothic

In the woods at Camp Gaea, site of the Heartland Pagan Festival, a kind of lingam shrine.

On top of it, a decomposing teddy bear.

That makes me think of the first season of True Detective, among other things.

4 thoughts on “A Touch of Midwestern Gothic

  1. Or a Mongolian-Siberian shamanist sacred pilla called an oboo.

    • I’m not sure that an oboo is a cairn. My understanding is that an oboo actually is a tree trunk stuck into a cairn and represents the world tree. This info comes from Sarangarel’s book “Riding Windhorses”. Sarangarel died a number of years ago.

      • Sorry, hit the comment button before I was ready. The emphasis is on the world tree, not the cairn. ::shrugs:: On the other hand, the pre-Buddhist Tibetans used cairns frequently and they also were “ancestor worshipers” (as probably was everyone on the planet at one time), so maybe that’s where the difference is. ::shrugs again:: For me, this is all mere speculation of course.

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