Wiccan chaplains

The Sacred Well Congregation, a Texas Wiccan group with a lot of military connections, has just reached a bureaucratic milestone:

As of 3 December 2005, The Sacred Well Congregation has been entered to full membership as an endorsing body in the Committee on Ministry in Specialized Settings (COMISS). COMISS is the primary organization with responsibility for establishing which civil organizations may present an Ecclesiastical Endorsing Agent (EEA) to the military chaplaincy. Through its subsidiaries, the National Council on Ministry to the Armed Forces(NCMAF) and the Endorsers Conference for Veterans Affairs Chaplains(ECVAC), COMISS is the endorsing path for military chaplains, and VA chaplains, respectively.

As I understand the announcement, this is the first step towards putting forward qualified Wiccan military chaplains. I expect more information to be forthcoming later.

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