Fisking the Red Tent

At Regretsy, an elaborate take-down of first-menses rites for girls.

7. In addition to not being a womyn or a goddess, your daughter is most likely not a priestess. Ask yourself if people routinely drop by the house to see if Caitlyn can perform an exorcism after school. If the answer is no, she’s just a 13-year-old girl who doesn’t need made-up fairy titles or a bloody vagina necklace. She just needs a pad and a couple of Midol, and for you to stay the fuck away from Etsy.

(Hat tip: The House of Vines.) Also, fisking defined.


2 thoughts on “Fisking the Red Tent

  1. You know, this looks to me like a dispute between rival fandoms, neither of which grants any qualities worth liking to the object of the other’s appreciation.

    But each fandom finds value within it’s own aims and activities. Even when that fandom appears ridiculous to other fandoms or to the world at large. And provides opportunities for keen-witted commentary and sharp dismissals.

    Paganism suggests both the need for and some ritual means of commemoration and connectedness. All in all, I think that commemoration and a sense of connectedness are more important Pagan values than discouraging commemoration and up-ing the disconnects.

  2. I have written four separate responses to this post.

    In the end, I simply must say that necklace is absolutely hideous. As a devastated young lass grappling with the loss of her childhood (my experience) I would rather have DIED than wear that (gaudy albatross).

    Thank you for sharing this, it gave me much to ponder.

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