Polytheistic Predictions are Predictable?

At The Wild Hunt, Jason links to some predictions for 2012 from some Cuban Santería priests, whom he describes as “eerily accurate” in the past.

Yes, if you predict “war and conflict,” it is hard to go wrong.

Let’s see, I predict that my volunteer fire department will be called out on a forest fire threatening our community this summer. We fought three such fires last summer, so I too might well be eerily accurate.

Now here is a man calling himself el brujo mayor  of Mexico. He predicts that President Obama will not be reelected, among other things.

At least that is a straight true/false sort of prediction.

But does anyone tally and compare all these predictions, so that you can have something like an NFL quarterback’s pass-completion average?

7 thoughts on “Polytheistic Predictions are Predictable?

  1. If Obama will not be reelected, who will?
    I’d like to see who he teases out of the barrel of monkeys.
    It seems to me, that prediction is still a wee bit vague. Not as vague as, “there will be war & famine,” but vague, nonetheless.

  2. Pitch313

    Sometimes a practitioner can be quite accomplished at magical things and still not be able to predict her or his way out of a brown paper bag.

    In this sense, I count myself highly skilled at anti-predicting. Lots of things that I foretell do not happen, maybe could not. But in a deeper fashion, the reasons that I foretell them are, nonetheless, right. So I believe in the powers underlying foretelling even when I get it wrong–and I usually do…

    I predict that Utopia is right around the corner. But that we can’t use GPS to get there.

  3. David Pollard

    re: Score-keeping – I’d check the Amazing Randi’s website. It sounds like something he’d do as a debunking technique.

    My suspicion is that most soothsayers will try for predictions that are subjective. Though, I suppose this would be a good time to look at 2011 predictions and see if anyone was predicting wholesale departures of dictators last January 1st….

    1. No, you do it! I’ve met Randi and talked with him, but it was difficult, because there was not enough space in the room for him, me, and his ego. And I would not trust him not to “cook the books.”

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