The Pomegranate 12:1

I have let weeks go by without mentioning the latest issue of The Pomegranate: The International Journal of Pagan Studies!

Here is the table of contents. All book reviews and article abstracts are free.


“Franz Sättler (Dr. Musallam) and the Twentieth-Century Cult of Adonism”
Hans Thomas Hakl

“Walk Like an Egyptian: Egypt as Authority in Aleister Crowley’s Reception of The Book of the Law”
Caroline Tully

“On the Pagan Parallax: A Sociocultural Exploration of the Tension between Eclecticism and Traditionalism as Observed among Dutch Wiccans
Léon van Gulik

Special Section: Idolatry and Materiality

“Re-examining ‘Idolatry’ in Pagan Studies”
Chas S. Clifton

“Idolatry, Ecology, and the Sacred as Tangible”
Michael York

“Response to Michael York’s ‘Idolatry, Ecology and the Sacred as Tangible’ ”
Mogg Morgan

“Pagans and Things: Idolatry or Materiality?”
Amy Whitehead

“Idolatry, Paganism, and Trust in Nature”
Bron Taylor

Book Reviews

Dave Evans and Dave Green, eds. Ten Years of Triumph of the Moon (Bristol: Hidden Publishing, 2009).
Samuel Eldon Wagar

Constance Wise, Hidden Circles in the Web: Feminist Wicca, Occult Knowledge, and Process Thought (Lanham, Md.: AltaMira Press, 2008).
Paul Reid-Bowen

de Angeles, Ly, Emma Restall Orr and Thom van Dooren, eds., Pagan Visions for a Sustainable Future (Woodbury, Minn.: Llewellyn Publications, 2005)
Leland Glenna

Tyr: Myth-Culture-Tradition, Volumes 1 (2002), 2 (2003-04), and 3 (2007-08), ULTRA Publishing, Atlanta, Georgia.
Michael Strmiska

David Waldron & Christopher Reeve, Shock! The Black Dog of Bungay (London:, Hidden Publishing, 2010)
Dave Evans

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