Psychedelic Venus Church

I had read Hans Holzer’s rather sniffy assessment of the Berkeley-based Psychedelic Venus Church back in the 1970s in his book The New Pagans, but I was pleasantly surprised to see it listed under entheogen-based groups by the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies. Michael Marinacci wrote a more detailed history.

Chief founder Jefferson Freedom Poland, a/k/a Jefferson Clitlick a/k/a Jefferson Fuck Poland and other things, is apparently keeping a low profile after doing some prison time for having sex with underaged persons. MAPS doesn’t mention that part.

Another figure of the times, Sam Sloan, mentions the PVC in his history of the Sexual Freedom League at the U. of California.

Sloan, no doubt a certified genius whose main interests seemed to be sex and chess, maintains two complicated sites here and here. Having been kicked out of the securities industry by the SEC, he apparently is now a New York City cab driver and chess journalist who spends his time on byzantine conspiracy theories. Short version: Everyone from Sen. Hillary Clinton on down is out to get him