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Journalistic Cliches and Their Academic Cousins

My least-favorite journalistic cliche is “time will tell.” Despite the president’s charm offensive, some pundits say that the world will end next Tuesday. Time will tell. Read the whole list of 150 here. As a journal editor, I could make my own list, particularly those stupid bits of wordiness that get between the reader and […]

Quick Review: The Wizard and the Witch

One of my earliest entries on this blog, clear back in 2003, was a complaint about the lack of biographical and autobiographical writing in American Wicca — and I would extend that to all types of new Paganism generally. That entry did mention Margot Adler’s Heretic’s Heart (1997), but I did not care for Whispers […]

Colin Wilson 1951–2013

A prolific writer on mysticism and the paranormal, among other things, the English author Colin Wilson has passed on. In the video (audio recording, really) he discusses some of his work and personal experiences.

Orthography and the Modern Pagan

One thing I did at the recent American Academy of Religion annual meeting was stop by the University of Chicago Press booth and get the name of the managing editor of the press’s Manual of Style, which is the holy book, all 1,028 pages of it, for editors of academic books and journals—plus many publishers […]

Vampires and the Big Blue Marble

I shared a cabin with Margot Adler and some other presenters at the Florida Pagan Gathering four years ago. At that point she had read about seventy vampire novels and was still going strong, looking for the answer to the question, “Why do literary vampires fascinate us?” Now she thinks she knows: Every age embraces […]

Pentagram Pizza: It’s Revived Again

¶ At Pagan Square, Rebecca Buchanan rounds up children’s books featuring Norse gods and heroes. ¶ Bright Spiral is an online comic about occult initiation. Trippy and complex. ¶ “Chilled-out multitasking hipster psychics don’t seem so eccentric anymore” and “We are in the middle of an occult revival.” Again. ¶ Green Egg is back as […]

Why Pagans Did Not Fight for Their Gods

Things Fall Apart, by the Nigerian writer Chinua Achebe, published in 1958, is often labeled as the “archetypal modern African novel.” Set in the 1890s, at the beginning of British colonial rule, its protagonist is a hard-driving Igbo yam farmer, warrior, and village leader named Okonkwo, who hold himself, his wives, and his children to […]

Nevil Drury 1947–2013

Nevil Drury, well-known Australian writer and teacher on magical and esoteric topics, died yesterday at home of cancer and liver failure. I had the experience of working with not long ago when he did an article for The Pomegranate: the International Journal of Pagan Studies on “The Magical Cosmology of Rosaleen Norton.” His Facebook page. […]

Good Advice: “Run Your Own Race”

I hit bottom the summer I turned 36. Part-way through grad school, I took a break to work as managing editor of an outdoor magazine, Colorado Outdoor Journal. (You’ve never heard of it. I needed a job.) In May, the publisher pulled the plug on the magazine, but I had already registered for the June […]

Around the Pagan Blogosphere, 25 August 2013

Some bookmarked links are piling up, so let’s clear them away. ¶ Lee Morgan: What happens when a writing project turns mysteriously magical: It wasn’t long before the story, its characters and underlying mythic themes came to life in very tangible ways for me. Not only did I start to dream about the characters who […]