My Next Possible Podcast Appearance

The “Awoken Tree” logo of the Strange Familiars podcast.

I like to listen to podcasts. Where were all these good ones when I had to drive an hour and a half each day, three days a week?

But I don’t have the time or desire to make my own. Being more of a behind-the-scenes guy these days, not a group spokesman or online influencer or (currently) having to book to promote,  I don’t get asked to appear on them either.

There was one time last October, or “Pagan History Month” as you might call it, when I was contacted by a staffer for Alie Ward’s Oologies podcast to talk about Paganism.

It did not go well. She seemed like a blank slate without even a list of questions for me. Judging from some of her other episodes (I tried to get a feel for the podcast), she wanted a fairly serious approach, so I start in discussing nature religion, polytheism, etc.

Then I discover that there was a chat room going all the while – which I could not see — and people were asking questions like “How do I start a coven?” Which is perfectly fine, and I would have been happy to come in on that level too. (I did co-found a coven, after all.)

The episode never aired, surprise, surprise. No one bothered to tell me it was shit-canned, but silence speaks volumes.

But I have hopes for Strange Familiars. This paranormal-focused podcast has been one of my top three faves since early 202o or whenever I discovered it. That’s the logo up above

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, the “Awoken Tree.”

If all goes well, I will be interviewed next week about three “time slip” experiences and one “fairy portal” experience. No actual members of the fair folk. Sorry. At least not that I saw. I seem to be fairy-adjacent, just like I am Bigf0ot-adjacent.

I’ve been writing notes all day, which leads into things like looking at drone videos of Irish villages that I visited before there were commercial drones or internets. Back when the “Celtic Tiger” was just a kitten.

If it happens as planned, I will post a link.

3 thoughts on “My Next Possible Podcast Appearance

  1. You’re lucky “Oologies” didn’t play it!

    About a year ago I did an interview with a 3-person NZ talk show, and the woman host screamed at me, got up and left when I said that Dolly, my dolphin lover, wanted to masturbate on me! I finished the interview, but I shouldn’t have. The station only broadcast that part of it up until she left, and screwed with the rest of it, and lied to me about when it would be on — when it had already aired!

    I officially filed a complaint with the NZ Broadcast Authority, and after about 6 months cleaning their toenails, they decided that the poor DJs and the radio station had already been punished enough, so they didn’t have to pay me the $5,000 I could have won, or even publish an apology for fucking me over.

    Read all about it on my blog,, and weep! They can get away with anything concerning me, because bestiality is a federal crime in New Zealand, I’m a criminal there and apparently lower than whale shit.

  2. I had my interview with Timothy Renner of Strange Familiars last Friday (March 31). Although I was tired from being out with the local volunteers dealing with a burning haystack at 6 a.m., I think I managed to be kind of coherent. Now it is in his hands as to how he wants to present it.

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