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Sampling the Pagan Blogosphere

¶ Andy Letcher goes to Helston in Cornwall for Flora Day, with flowers, pageantry, and the Furry Dance: Then there is the Furry Dance itself. According to Ronald Hutton, the first mention of any Mayish activities in Helston is in 1600, but the dance is the last surviving Cornish Processional Dance (of which there were […]

Apollo and the Whammy Bar

Andy Letcher links to a video reconstructing the ancient Greek kithara, a surprising complex cousin of the common lyre, associated with the god Apollo. Whoever invented the ‘whammy bar’, the device which gives this ancient lyre its characteristic vibrato, must have been divinely inspired, as must have Michalis Georgiou, the luthier who patiently rediscovered it.

A Song for the Winter Solstice

Thea Gilmore, “Sol Invictus,” with photos taken in and around the Horseshoe Lake nature reserve, Yateley, Hampshire UK.

Wicker Man, Wicker Masks

At The Bosky Man, Andy Letcher tells how playing a gig at the Ludlow Medieval Fair let him to meet an Irish band whose members perform wearing wicker masks, made by a 90-something-year-old Irish mask-maker who is the last of his kind. That’s a pity because both invoke an odd, almost indescribable atavistic feeling. It […]

Pentagram Pizza: Not a Lie

¶ An insightful interview with Pagan musician Sharon Knight. ¶ Why TED talks are lying to you. ¶ This is what a dolmen should look like — “This enormous structure is the Soto dolmen in Trigueros, Spain, which has been returned to its prehistoric glory after a nine-year restoration. The mound is 60 metres across […]

Two Important New Books in Pagan Studies

Modern Pagan and Native Faith Movements in Central and Eastern Europe, edited by Kaarina Aitamurto and Scott Simpson, has now been released in hardcover. (No paperback edition appears to be coming in the near future.) You can read the complete table of contents and see ordering information at Acumen Publishing’s website. Also being released in […]

Ancient Roman Music (Conjectured, Imagined)

The trouble with most of the “early music” groups that I have heard is that they take stuff originally played by drunken peasants (setting aside Christian church music) and make it sound like it is played by anorexic graduate students. In this case, however, no one knows what ancient Roman music sounded like. They have […]

“Sheikhs against shakes”

Nine years ago I wrote a post about Islamist reaction against popular Middle Eastern singers such as Haifa Wehbe. For some reason, I kept working in references to Sappho. The process continues. Now a court in the new, improved Islamist Egypt has ordered al-Tet, a television channel devoted to belly dancing, shut down. The channel […]

Celebrate Winter

Pentagram Pizza: Some Good Reads and Free Music

• Finding a complementary relationship between Paganism and Tantra at The Pagan Perspective. Not this: My sabbatical led me down the rabbit hole of tantra, or rather neo-tantra, which turned out to be nothing more than a mobsterized store front for polyamory and polysexuality. Now I am the last person to dismiss sexuality or the […]