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Christians Attacking Pagan Temples — Now It’s Brazil

Reading Galina Krasskova’s blog a few days ago, I was surprised to see the headlines “One can always expect a monotheist to behave according to type,” and “A Candomble priest martyred for Jesus.”1)Shouldn’t that read, “Martyred by Followers of Jesus”? But the text clarifies it: “Álisson stood fast in devotion to the Orixa and was butchered […]

Minor Middle-Eastern Monotheists — And the Last Pagans in Pakistan

One god, one or more recognized prophets, a preoccupation with female sexuality — are we talking about Islam? Not this time. Heirs to Forgotten Kingdoms: Journeys Into the Disappearing Religions of the Middle East is a religion-nerd’s tour of “disappearing religions” such as those of the Iraqi Mandaeans or the Zorastrians of Iran. Some, it must […]

The Eagles of Candlemas, continued

The first part is here. As I wrote earlier this week, M. and I celebrated Candlemas by going to Eagle Days down at the state park by Pueblo Reservoir.  (Chamber of Commerce types want you to say “Lake Pueblo.”) Scheduling a festival around raptors is a little iffy; you can expect sandhill cranes, for instance, […]

‘Non-Christian’ License Plate Prompts Oklahoma Lawsuit

An Oklahoma court has cleared the way for Methodist clergyman Keith Cressman to sue the state over his objection to  imagery on that state’s license plate. The new license plates carry a photo of a statue called “Prayer for Rain,” of an Apache man shooting an arrow into the sky. His 2011 lawsuit in U.S. […]

“Sheikhs against shakes”

Nine years ago I wrote a post about Islamist reaction against popular Middle Eastern singers such as Haifa Wehbe. For some reason, I kept working in references to Sappho. The process continues. Now a court in the new, improved Islamist Egypt has ordered al-Tet, a television channel devoted to belly dancing, shut down. The channel […]

Starting Over as a Virgin (Or Else)

When I was a teenager, I remember hearing some slightly older female friends cracking up over the line, “Let’s go to California and start over again as virgins.” Only it should be “Toronto,” not “California,” the reason being that you do not want your Muslim husband to beat you. Lina, 20, is originally from Afghanistan […]

Bollywood versus Desert Monotheism

A discussion (with lots of music and dancing) about why Bollywood movies are a devastating weapon against the more radical desert-father monotheisms. There is some deeper resonance that [these movies] have, which is why people want them. . . . Young people in the Middle East are just lapping up Bollywood. As I said earlier, […]

Y’ Think?

Former American president (1977-1981) Jimmy Carter, international ambassador of helpfulness, notices that many world religions contribute to the oppression of women.  

Aphrodite Will Not Be Denied (2)

On the heels of the “cartoon jihad,” singer Deeyah’s new video may be the next excuse for rioting. Muslim pop singer Deeyah has irked the Muslim world with her provocative new music video that shows her stripping off a burka to reveal her bikini-clad body. In the clash of civilizations, “fight fire with hotness,” says […]